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    I guess I get to answer my own question. If you restart the computer, CC must look to see what programs are installed. I was then able to download the subcription version.

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    If you don't use them you won't have any, there are none by default.


    But it may be worth starting the Acrobat Distiller XI app and seeing if it starts OK (a window appears, waiting for stuff). Maybe there will be a better error message. A long shot but worth a try.

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    I have a licensed academic version of CS6 running on a win 8.1 64 bit computer. The software has been installed for < 1 week and was licensed immediately. Acrobat X won't launch. It shows me the window with a large screenshot of what I was previously looking at. I then have to crash out of it. I tried deactivating and reactivitating it last night and it worked fine. One solution also said to update the software. So I did. Now it won't work again. I tried the following solutions:


    1) Run the patch in windows

    2) Run the acrofix patch through cmd

    3) Deactivate/reactivate

    4) Update software again (no new updates anyway)

    5) Look for and change name of cache.db (no such file)


    What can I do? This is a huge hinderance to my work. Thanks!

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    I'm getting this error trying to install an update.


    I followed this process:


    1. Cleanup Acrobat (

    2. Delete everything from C:\ProgramData\Adobe\ARM

    3. Delete C:\Windows\Installer\10e2413d.msp

         [I didn't do this step. No file with this name exists in this folder. I know it's hidden. I can see the folder and a bunch of other files].

    4. Install Acrobat X Standard.


    The install went perfectly. The update did not. Tried twice, including reboots.


    Any help is appreciated. But I have no technical knowledge. Easy, step-by-step instructions please.


    PS Windows 7, Office 2013, Intel i7, 8GB RAM, system is running excellently... except for this.


    Thank you,


    Thomas Scott

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    Disable anti-virus during the updates may do the job. You are not trying to update to the final version in one step are you? Are you updating from the Help>Update or by downloading the updates from Windows?


    Several Google posts indicate that the 1648 error is typically related to messed up system files. I would use caution trying to use any solutions that are mentioned, though one indicated to simply go back to a previous restore point.

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    The activation of Acrobat as part of the CS suite requires some additional steps. I suggest you check the CS forum for more information on this CS issue.

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    I don't have anymore suggestions. However, some thoughts on your question. If you uninstall, be sure to deactivate first. Also, do you have the install file handy. Several folks with CC have reported problems getting the install file again. I have no idea why, but I have seen those posts.

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    Bill and all,


    I tried the steps I outlined above for the third time, more carefully going step-by-step and a reboot between each. The update installed this time.


    I was using the update from Help > Check for Updates... Is that the right way to do it?


    Good idea on the anti-virus. I have Microsoft Security Essentials. It's never interfered with my Adobe Acrobat or Photoshop updates before. But certainly can't hurt to turn that off to be sure it's not causing a problem this time.


    I just did a reboot and selected Help > Check for Updates... again. No updates available and running 10.1.9. So it went to the latest update all by itself.


    Thanks for the advice. I'm replying here for that and so others with the same problem may have one possible solution.




    Tom Scott

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    I see how to deactivate, thanks for the advice.


    No, I don't have the install file, It seemed to have directly installed, rather than downloading in to the 'download' folder.


    I don't know what else to do, this is unworkable for me.



    So I deactivate, then download again?  There is no SN as it was from the CC web, I have my order #, but nothing else.  It just downloaded, I don't have any media or file.


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    I don't have a serial number for any of the CC downloads.  Where would they be?  I only got an order # from Adobe for the subscription, no SN, as I keep them all.  Nor do I have a download for any of the CC items I've downloaded.  They just download and install, they aren't in my download folder.  Where would they be?  I was not asked where to save it or save and then install.


    I'm so confused with all of this.

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    You don't have serial numbers for CC. Rather, you sign in and it knows what you subscribed to.

    And there are no install files. It downloads as needed.


    BUT we've seen many people who've uninstalled bits of CC, and have been unable to get it back, not because CC says they can't have it, but because CC says they already have it.


    So don't uninstall. But do REPAIR.


    Also, be very worried about what did this. I would suspect malware or a disk error, neither is good news.

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    I've tried the repair, and it didn't work.  I've done malware and virus scans and all is clean.


    If disk error, what do you do?

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    If the disk is going bad the key thing is to be prepared. Up to date backups of the entire system or everything important.


    But I've found something interesting. There are many discussions of similar problems on the web and it is always assumed that atmlib.dll is part of Acrobat. But I think that's wrong.


    Atmlib.dll is made by Adobe. It's used by Acrobat. BUT I believe it is a regular part of Windows, included with Windows, because Adobe licensed it to Microsoft so that Windows could use more fonts. So repairing Adobe software won't fix it. However, repairing WIndows might fix it!

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    Glad it was helpful.


    Kim Lisa Taylor


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    This is the Reader forum; you may be more lucky if you ask in the Axcrobat forum,


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    [ moved ]

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    Similar problem.  Acrobat XI Pro keeps telling me I have a free trial subscription, which I never had.  I bought the Creative Cloud subscription and it's up to date and paid.  I don't have this problem with Photoshop or In Design.  I reenter my user info and it works again but it's annoying.


    Did you get an anwer?

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    Can anyone please help?



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    The latest Adobe update made the pdf printer the default and it won't let me change it back to my network printer.  How do I fix this?

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    Ah, I see what you are saying.


    I have a windows repair disk to see if that will help.  Other things have been glitchy so that may be what is going on.

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